Reveille Background Story And History

The story of Reveille is a story that many Americans can relate to. It’s a tale of righteousness, rage, regret, redemption, and returning to our roots. The brand is based on the idea that each new day heralds a new reason to be excited, a reason to love, and a constant reminder to live passionately.

Troy Bridgeforth was born into a prominent agricultural family. Before him, four generations of Bridgeforths endured poor economic times, racism, and development pressure to build a legacy as respected producers of cotton, corn, wheat, and soybeans. Fortunately, those first Bridgeforths held a strong belief in America and felt a sense of duty to lead. Those beliefs remain core principles of the Bridgeforth family, and throughout the ages, there is evidence of the Bridgeforth family continuing to innovate, share, and guide those within our communities.

Growing up, Troy had little appreciation for the work or business of agriculture. He was a creative adventurer who spent his days dreaming up new inventions and visiting distant lands. He joined the Navy shortly after high school for opportunities to experience the world, learn advanced technologies, and find a cause worth fighting for.

Navy life and Troy were a comfortable fit. His familiarity with hard work, endurance, and teamwork were apparent, which landed him in leadership roles early on. He saw the world, fought for his country, and became known as a maverick within the technical community.

Unfortunately, his military career ended prematurely due to injury and illness sustained during the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). Although being removed from active duty abruptly wasn’t in his plans, his accomplishments had placed him in a liaison role within one of the DoD’s preeminent technology development centers. When his active duty service was complete, he was able to take off his uniform and return to the same facility the following day as a civilian systems engineer.

During his visits home, the positive effects the military had on Troy’s communication skills, physique, and leadership qualities were apparent to his family and community. Around the farm, everywhere he looked, he saw opportunities for optimization and improvement. At the same time, his love for agriculture and his sense of duty to the generations before him was rekindling.

April 27, 2011, Alabama was struck by a devastating series of tornadoes. Much of the state was ravaged along with our business and family-oriented community. The timing was right, and Troy asked himself ”If I can go all over this nation and all over this world helping people in need, how can I NOT go support my home in its time of need?”.

Troy dedicated the next six months to disaster recovery in Alabama and used the business disruption to implement a precision agriculture program that introduced GPS-guided tractors and data gathering for business analytics.

With the higher costs of new equipment, we sought an area similar to home but with a slightly different growing season. This would allow us to use the equipment on more acreage and keep it in storage less. The place we settled on was in Arkansas. With the precision agricultural innovations in place, Troy decided to remain close to home but return to his career as a systems engineer.

Fast forward to 2019, we’ve been farming in Arkansas for several years and career opportunities brought Troy to Florida.

Troy’s father, Billy, asks him to think about what it may be like to be in the rice business. Later, he reveals there’s an opportunity to purchase a rice mill, and if they were lucky, it would only be expensive and require a lot of hard work to get it going. After navigating some unforeseen challenges in the beginning, we closed the deal and began processing USDA, SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified rice in December of 2021.

Reveille Is Born.

In 2023, with the rice mill on a stable foundation and gaining experience in the product lines, Troy launched Reveille Rice. Reveille is the culmination of his life and values gained through family, farming, community, military, and education.

Reveille is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) operating in commercial and retail rice sales. Commercially, we support the bulk nutritional needs required to keep America’s fighting forces mission capable. In retail, we offer families a patriotic choice when they purchase rice. Our rice is a food product with a purpose, an answer to “What can I do to help?”. Our rice is produced in small batches using a state-of-the-art facility which is certified by the USDA and SQF.

Organizationally, Reveille and the fifth generation of Bridgeforths, are prepared for growth by becoming more process-oriented, data-driven, and investing in world-class talent in key roles. We seek to use our platform and resources to resolve the issues of our time.

Why Reveille? What’s In A Name?

Reveille is a word which is common and invokes power throughout the American armed forces. Your day literally does not begin without hearing the word “Reveille” or hearing the tune while the flag is being hoisted ceremoniously in the morning.

Pronounced [ rev-uh-lee]. The word is a noun and means:

  1. a signal, as of a drum or bugle, sounded early in the morning to awaken military personnel and to alert them for assembly.
  2. a signal to arise.

Each morning, thousands upon thousands of active duty personnel, and millions of veterans, rise at the call of Reveille to fill the day with purpose. As a company that promotes a strong sense of community, we want to celebrate the most capable among us and reach those who need our strength and support.

The present is a gift. History will be made.

About Reveille’s Founder, Troy Bridgeforth:

After Troy’s service in the United States Navy, he obtained an engineering degree, became a key person in creating several of our nation’s most highly guarded technologies, earned a graduate degree in business, and developed into a corporate leader.