At Reveille Rice, we take immense pride in our small-batch production process. By keeping our batches small, we ensure that our rice is fresher and does not sit in storage for extended periods. This attention to immediacy not only preserves the flavor but also maintains the nutritional integrity of each grain. Our hands-on approach means our rice goes straight from our Arkansas fields to your table, bypassing the prolonged storage that can diminish rice quality.

We handle our rice with the utmost care, minimizing the overhandling that’s common in larger operations. This careful process reduces breakage, ensuring that each grain remains whole and robust, a standard of quality you can see and taste. By sticking to small batches, we can keep a close eye on our rice every step of the way, from the field to the final packaging. It’s this dedication to quality over volume that sets Reveille Rice apart, delivering an American-grown product that is truly superior in texture and taste.